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Asian Pottery Art

Japanese pottery is among the earliest known ceramics. Its breadth of design, breathtaking beauty and varied use of clay makes Japanese pottery one of the world’s most loved and collected.

Particularly evocative are items crafted for the Japanese tea ceremony, but all ceramic wares in Japan are expected to nourish the soul and mind, just as the food which they hold provides for the body.

Japanese Tamba ceramic sake bottles are popular items and examples of tokkuri from the Meiji period, c. 1868-1912 are highly desireable by collectors. The Tamba kiln near Kyoto is famous for glazed earthen or stoneware sake bottles.

In Japan the word yaki refers to ceramics, earthenware and porcelain of which there are many types, including Arita and Imari, Bizen, Hagi, Karatsu, Kutani, Mino, Raku, Seto, Satsuma, Shigaraki and Tamba.

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