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The Chinese oriental interior design style is a really beautiful and striking look for your home. It is actually quite easy to achieve, as well - it only takes a splash of authentic color, and a few of the correct accessories to get the right look. If you choose this Oriental Interior look, you will get a very dramatic and relaxing look

When shopping for accessories look out for rich, opulent fabrics - such as richly embroidered silks, in Chinese designs. Chinese paper lanterns for your lighting needs and these will give a soft, warming glow to your room with a very relaxing atmosphere. Look for ornaments and fabrics with the following, typically Chinese motifs: animals and mystical beasts - monkeys, dragons and tigers, also beautiful flowers, birds and fish.

Be sure to include some beautiful Chinese ceramics and Oriental pottery in your oriental interior design scheme. Look for Chinese motifs with animals, mystical beasts, moneys, dragons, tigers beautiful flowers, birds and fish designs on ginger jars, vases, bowls, plates and pots. Blue and white pottery is a very typical Chinese design style.

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