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Chinese Furniture

Ornate furniture is a very important part of Chinese interior design. Chinese or Oriental furniture is usually made from high quality wood. These Oriental furniture pieces are typically finished with a very fine, glossy lacquer, in black, or varying shades of red. Oriental furniture will typically have a decorative carving, intricate ornate inlays or very detailed and beautiful painting and fancy handles. Chinese furniture pieces are very striking statement pieces so you don't want to dilute their effect, by filling your room with a jumble of different designs or colors. Choose one or two statement furniture pieces in this typical Chinese oriental style. The rest of your furniture should be pretty low-key - ideally in a plain black, or dark wood.

Chinoiserie is an art form where furniture and accessories are patterned after the detailed embellishments and complex decoration of Chinese designs. While Chinoiserie is very much sought after today, it was originally popular in mid-1800’s Europe. This Chinese influence can also be seen in the architectural style used in many pavilions and garden pagodas.

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