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Japanese Lacquer

Japanese lacquer has been a part of the country’s tradition from its earliest history, more than 6000 years! Artisans in Japan are recognized the world over as having brought the art of lacquer to its aesthetic and technical zenith.

Japanese lacquer originates from the sap from the urushi tree. After a long period of aging and processing it can be applied on countless forms and surfaces using many different methods. Japanese Lacquered items include Japanese tea items, boxes, bottles, Japanese tansu and furniture, Japanese butsudan shrines and altars, Japanese lamps, Japanese lanterns, Japanese combs, hair ornaments and personal accessories of all kinds as well as room interior pieces.

There are many methods of Japanese Lacquer application, such as makie, hira-makie, taka-makie and nashiji. Other types of Japanese lacquer include tsuishu, kanakura-bori, negora and raden.

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